Fekete Zaj

Frequently Asked Questions



Click here for all the information about transport.

You have the following parking options around and near the festival:

  • - parking permits and tickets for the Mátra Camping that serves as festival grounds will be put up for sale shortly
  • - if you would like to park in the car park in front of the Mátra Camping or the Oxygen Adrenalin Park, you can click HERE to buy a ticket
  • - there are around 50-60 parking spaces available in the forest, a couple of hundred metres down the road from the festival area


The number of parking spaces is very limited. We suggest therefore to opt for public transport and car sharing services if you can.

Only vehicles with a valid permit are allowed to enter the festival grounds. Entrance is prohibited for any vehicle without a permit. Parking or stopping in front of the festival entrance is not allowed.

Daily tickets are valid from 12.00 pm until 10.00 am the next day. Daily ticket holders have access to the same rights and services as pass holders thoughout the validity of the ticket.

You can access the festival with a 5-day pass from the beginning of the festival at 12.00 pm on the 5th of August 2024 until the end at 10.00 am on the 20th of August.

For all types of accomodation except the Gyöngyös Student Hotel, you have to first get your festival wristband at the festival before checking in. The student hotel is available for check-in from noon each day. Here, you don't need your festival wristband in order to check in.

In the conference room, next to the Staff Office.

The camping's own Wi-Fi network is available for guests of the camping. Apart from that, network coverage has improved significantly over the past couple of years, so you can rely on your mobile data service.

Yes! At the Information Desk situated about 10 metres from the festival entrance on the right hand side, you can use our storage and (phone)-charging services free of charge. The service is available 0-24 throughout the duration of the festival.

Lighting fires on festival grounds is strictly prohibited!

Please deposit any items found at the Information Desk. It is here that you can look for your lost items.


All festival goers sleeping in a tent need to have a valid camping ticket. No matter how many of you are sleeping in a single tent, each of you needs to purchase a camping ticket.

Children under the age of 13 can enter the festival free of charge. Everyone under the age of 15 can enter and stay at the venue only with an adult. Accompanying adults need to have a valid ticket.

The festival will be held even if the weather conditions are bad, no rain-check! Please take care of yourselves and each other.

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme. The entrance fee cannot be reclaimed. The organisers cannot be held responsible for any changes due accidents or mistakes of the performers.

We are very sorry if this is the case. If you can't find anyone to give it to, we advise you to upload it to the website of our secondary ticketing partner, ticketswap.hu . This is a safe platform through which your customer can count on getting their ticket and you your money.
To ensure safe entry and to guard your wallet, we advise everyone against using VIAGOGO to purchase tickets to Fekete Zaj!


You will receive your wristband upon entrance at the festival, after your ticket is validated.

Yes! Click on 'Add a new wallet' to add the ticket barcode or the code on the back of the wristband of your friends or relatives. This way you can manage all your top-ups from one account.

Your wristband will be valid throughout the duration of the festival to be used as often as you want. For safety reasons, the maximum amount that you can upload is 100.000 HUF.

If your balance is too low, your payment won't be succesful, but you will be shown where the closest top-up point is. To avoid queueing, you can top up your balance online.

You can top-up your wristband before and even during the festival online, or you can use one of our top-up points on festival grounds.
If you would like to top up your balance online, you have to register on the top-up page. You will need the barcode of your ticket for the registration and the top-up.

If you are already at the festival and don't have the barcode of your ticket, you can also register with the unique, 6-letter code on the back of the chip of your wristband.

Following registration, you can choose the amount you want to top up by clicking on the 'Top up' button on the homescreen of your personal profile. Once you have added it to your basket, you can pay by card. The festival does not charge a handling fee for this action.

If you want to spend as much time as possible on site, just go to one of our top-up points and pay on the spot by cash or card.

It's up to you how much money you want to load onto your wristband, but we suggest you top it up with a sufficient amount for your entire stay. This way, you spend less time queueing at the top-up points and you don't have to return each time your balance is low.

Your wristband is the only accepted payment method at the festival. You can use it in any bar, shop, catering service and for merchandise.

Yes, and it won't get damaged by sunlight or rain either.

Losing your wristband is the same as losing your wallet or ticket, so please make sure it is secured around your wrist. In case it gets lost or stolen despite your precautions, you can request a new one at the Information Desk. You will be requested to show your ticket and/or adequate means of identification. However, any amount left on the original wristband will be lost.

If there is money left on your wristband, you can reclaim it at any top-up point at the festival, or online via our refund platform. If you want to claim your money back on site, please be advised that the top-up points are only opened until the official end of the festival. In case you'd rather submit your claim online, don't forget to keep your wristband after leaving the festival, because you will need it.


The list of musical performers can be found here, and for a detailed overview of the OFF-programmes click here .

It is prohibited to bring any glass or sharp objects, hitting- and cutting tools, or any items that may threaten the physical well-being of others within festival grounds. Please be advised that pointy, metal-coated umbrellas, hammers, rubber mallets and gas cylinder heaters are also not allowed. You may not bring any alcohol or soft drinks with you. You can bring one batch of unopened mineral water in bottles of maximum 2 liters per person, as well as food for your own consumtion, not reaching commercial quantities. Products like this need to be shown to security upon entry.

Igen, nyugodtan készíthetsz fényképeket (megköszönjük, ha megosztás után betaggelsz minket 😊 ). A fesztivál területén, illetve afelett drón használatával video‐ vagy fényképfelvételt készíteni kizárólag a szervezők előzetes engedélyével, valamennyi vonatkozó jogszabályi előírás betartásával, a résztvevők biztonságát nem veszélyeztetve lehet. A felvétel készítője köteles az egyes felvételek készítésének módját és időpontját a Szervezőkkel előzetesen egyeztetni és jóváhagyatni.

A rendezvényről hang‐ és képfelvétel készül. Minden résztvevő, aki a felvételeken feltűnik, csak a beleegyezésével nevesíthető, viszont semmilyen követeléssel nem élhet a felvétel készítőivel vagy a rendezvényszervezőkkel szemben.

Igen, szívesen látjuk a négylábú kedvenceiteket.