Fekete Zaj

Crowdfunding for Fekete Zaj '24

5 000 Ft100 000 Ft



Támogatók száma: 26

Raised: 590 000 Ft

Goal: 5 500 000 Ft

“They went to Fekete Zaj and all the got me was a booklet…” (5 000 Ft)
A little goes a long way! Your support grants you a spot by name in our booklet.

“I hope they kept the receipt” (15 000 Ft)
You certainly won’t be cold in the forest with your t-shirt with a unique print as a token of our gratitude. Your name will also feature on the list of supporters in our booklet. 

“Secret Santa is early this year.” (30 000 Ft)
For your support, you will receive a t-shirt especially made for our backers, and your name will of course be featured on the list of supporters in our booklet. Furthermore, each of these packages allows us to offer a festival pass through our social campaign, so that we can all celebrate together in the woods!

“Just what I needed, another voucher.” (50 000 Ft)
You are the cherry on top! Your reward is a backer’s t-shirt, a poster and we’ll treat you to lunch. Your name will feature as backer in our festival booklet.

“Bittersweet 15 is the new sweet 16!” (100 000 Ft)
We’d like to grant you a million wishes, but there will be enough stars in the Mátra to wish upon, so instead we’ll organise a boating with a band of your choice for you. Apart from all the aforementioned rewards, your name will feature as an honorary staff member in our booklet.

Why do we need crowdfunding?

Since the beginnings of Fekete Zaj, it has always been our aim to renew, to present exceptional, fresh, original artists and of course to build a community. It is the latter - the force of community - that binds the festival together: you enable us to continue composing a diverse programme, where the limit isn't set by our financial means, only by our imagination. This year we have successfully applied for funding again, but we really wouldn't be able to realise the experience we share in the Mátra year after year if it weren't for our volunteers and the support of our community.

Be part of this community, let's create something that lasts!

How can you contribute?

First and foremost to be there. If you buy a ticket for the festival and we make noise together, you have already been a lot of help. If you would like to put your mark on Fekete Zaj beyond this, you can do so on this page. 

Any services that you provide and can offer for the festival are welcome too. We can provide you with a partner-certificate.

What do we spend the donations on?

Our goal for this year: One extra day of noise
In previous years, we spent your donations on wonderful new stages and installations. Thanks to you, we could realise the Kacsatónia and Kilátó stages, as well as the stunning interactive artwork on the islands and the bridges connecting them. This year we dared to dream big. With your help, we are expending the festival experience: Fekete Zaj will last five days instead of four. This means that your support enables us to put together en even richer programme, and of course to spend an extra day together under the trees of the Mátra. 

What does the festival budget look like? 

34% – artists' travel costs and fee
34% – rental fee for the festival site and accomodation
17% – technical equipment, installations
11% – staff
4% – marketing

61% – ticket sales
20% – accomodation sales
9% – share of catering services
3% – merchandise
7% – crowdfunding – WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU!

Just like previous years, all donations are handled by the festival's partner organisation, Szinkron Non-profit Organisation.