You can listen to the whole sound demo here.



The summer Fekete Zaj Festival (Black Noise Festival) and Mátra are inseparable. This is not only because of the event's location, Mátra-Sástó, which provides a pleasant mountain atmosphere but also because of the beautiful nature, which creates an exciting contrast with the festival's niche music programs. But what kind of sound can this particular black noise actually be?
Let's hear how the authentic voices of nature can sound if we transform the topography into an electrical signal: using the exact three-dimensional surface of Hungary's largest mountain, we have created the musical model of Mátra with the help of 'wavetable' synthesis.

This year, the 15-year-old Fekete Zaj Festival, in collaboration with the Swedish company Kilohearts, has created the authentic Black Noise sound by converting the topographical texture of the Mátra mountains in Hungary into a musical waveform by Phase Plant, the award-winning modular software synthesizer. Read more about the initiative on Kilohearts blog

The 20-piece sound set with unique patches created during the official collaboration is now available for free, so anyone can use it freely and play the experimental sound of Mátra Mountain in their music worldwide. Try out the special Black Noise sound set and download its Phase Plant plugins with just one click below! If you're not familiar with it, you can use other music editing software that supports VST plugins, or take the opportunity of a free trial to get to know this multi-awarded instrument.